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Please pray for Evangelist Isaiah Salomon in emergency room his legs got ran over tonight

Prayer for my sisters brothers and Dads salvation bring them to the feet of Jesus. Pray for God's hand of protection around Hector and me prayer for healing and forgiveness of myself for my past financial blessing so I can correctly and safely take care of Hector the we walk with Jesus daily and we stay in His will

Please pray for Esther, she has been so sick the last few days. She was devastated to miss out on Sunday church!

Janice Smith needs a medical miracle.

Pray for my friend Candy. Diagnosed with mono and enlarged spleen. She has a special needs son she has to care for. Also pray that she is sent to a church that preaches the true message of salvation to her. Kim L.

Please pray for our safe journey home today! Thank you!!!! The Millers

For Sis Chris Crossett's son Chase. Was bitten by a wild raccoon. He has to get more shots due to being at risk for rabies. Please pray for him with me.

Pray for travel mercies and protection today as we head to Christie’s for her birthday (and hug the grand girls) - Bro & Sis Miller

Can my church family please help us pray for Stevie, for healing in his body In Jesus Name

Mental physical spiritual healing for me and Hector more dependable vehicle guidance from the Jesus financial blessings

Sister Madeline is asking for prayer for my brother Norman who is very sick 6

please keep my uncle David Hernandez in your prayers for good blood test results the end of this month.. they said they found something praying it’s nothing serious In Jesus Name!

Please pray for Alice Bentley , she fell and broke her hip; She is the mother of Kim Lucas. Pray for Kim as she travels to Kentucky to be with her mother.

There is a lady from Alabama named Carry They thank she had a heart attack. She went to Ireland and her husband is here with cancer. She was put in induced coma. Now they can’t wake her up. They don’t know if she is going to live. Pray for them in Jesus name for healing.

Please pray for La Roca Church in Cooper City . They lost a young husband / father in a drowning accident . He left behind a wife and an 8 year old son . Pray for comfort , peace and strength .

Please say a prayer for Morgan she has a brain tumor and in the hospital waiting for MRI to see if it’s gotten bigger or shifted because of the way she’s acting.. in Jesus Name she will be healed!!

Prayer for healing, strength, peace guidance for me and Hector both in Jesus name that we keep our eyes on him and he give me strong faith in Him!

Donna Lloyd - needs a miracle. God knows.

can everyone keep my uncle david in your prayers he was referred to a cancer/blood center they found something in his blood. please pray that it’s nothing serious in Jesus Name! -stevie

Abe Everts a local 5 year old boy that almost drowned and is currently at Shands. No brain activity and the next several days are crucial for a miracle! His father Alex is asking for prayer for his little boy.

Please pray for the truth to be revealed in a legal situation. For God's direction, wisdom, and favor with the ones working on the investigation, in Jesus name.

Healing in my body God's peace God's hand of protection over me and my son Hector pray he does well in school and his behavior for the salvation of my family bring them all to the feet of Jesus in Jesus name Amen!

For Sister Susie please pray for miracle healing in her body.

Can my church family please Pray for Mr Ed, he has been vomiting off and on for a few days! And he does not want to eat.

Sis Katie’s mom eye surgery April 11th

Please pray for my sister Oliver she is going through some health problems

Prayer for my familys salvation bring them all to the feet of Jesus bring them home! In Jesus name! Brandi

Please prayer for safety I will be in Maximum criminal wing ne at Maron county, sheriff's office and minimum security wing Please pray for safety and protection. Thank you I am law enforcement for the sheriff's office. Toby

Please pray for Jason and Marcey Easter. They are both ill.

urgent prayer request for my dad he is in the hospital they might be admitting him

Prayer for mental physical spiritual healing Hectors behavior for improve and he do better in school God to send us a more dependable car something we can afford that he continues to draw us closer to him prayer for the salvation of my family God brings them to the feet of Jesus and my friends also, that he helps me be a light to them to help guide them to Jesus prayer that he gives me strength to carry out each day for his glory and if it be his will send my son a good father figure and a husband to me that he keeps us under his blood and he send me a good group of friends i can count on in hard times both me and my son ........God bless you for the prayers thank you

A young Christian Dr. Kelli Lee from back home in Kentucky had cardiac arrest and injured her brain severely. Please pray for her healing in Jesus name. Kim L

Francis Keith - (co- worker of Sis Tina White) is going blind- prayers please.

Please pray for me, I am very sick with the flu

I'm dealing with alot of depression and mental issues in need of a financial blessing also. Pray God sends us a dependable vehicle that I can afford. Pray for my sons education and behavior Gods had of protection on the both of us and the salvation on my family they surrender to God and come to the feet of Jesus that they realize they cant do life without Jesus! Prayer for guidance I want to walk in alignment of Gods will for my life and that of my sons. And he sends me the job that is good for me. We continue to walk with Jesus! We keep the faith and keep fighting the good fight. Pray for my friends salvation and that I can be a light that points them to Jesus. In Jesus name amen!

Pleas pray for a lady named Crystal. She stopped me in the store and was asking questions about our church. Pray God will make away and she will stop in for service.

Adamariz: Prayers for youth growth, and the Ocala Youth conference!

My Aunt Carolyn, she's been in the hospital a week with very serious health conditions. She also needs salvation.

Tanisha C: Please pray for my mama's and sibling's salvation!

Travel mercies as we are rolling to Christie’s. ETA ~4pm

Kiah- Please pray for my parents in Vermont. No one was harmed but their house burned down Wednesday morning.

I fell at work and fractured my wrist. Please pray for expedited healing and that no surgery will be neccesary.

Please keep Alex the guest we had today in your prayers he just received a call that his Grandmother who was like a Mom to him passed away. thank you!

Grace Bass request prayer for right ear pain that has continued.

Please join me in prayer for my coworker and friend Ashley Wheeler who is undergoing surgery related to brain fluid leaking.

Please keep all the family and friends of Granny in your prayers. Please pray for Tina's husband George.

Please pray for Kyndall (a newborn) which is in NICU for respiratory issues. The family is requesting prayer from Ocala Church!

Very very very sick going to hospital fever of 102 aces Chile's etc

Prayer for my and my sons relationship the devil tries to destroy all my relationships we need Jesus in the middle prayer that we keep him Jesus close and walk with him daily that he continues to be our provider and protector deliverance from sever depression and anxiety both of us me and Hector sever miragranes prayer for strength against the attacks of evil PRAY WE KEEP OUR EYES ON JESUS !!Amen!

Prayer for Thomas Robertson that God works on their heart calls them home and brings them to the feet of Jesus save their souls God do what I know only you can with my dad and sister bring them home to you like I know you can Amen



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